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Get The Highest Cash Offer & Sell your Property Fast!

Our Pre-approved buyers can make you a Fair Cash offer for your home without having to pay any commissions or closing costs. 

It's Free To Submit A Property!


Benefits of selling your property off market: 

Our vetted investors are ready to compete to make you the highest cash offer for your property.

All Offers:

- Have No Seller Closing Costs or Commissions - 

- Are AS-IS Condition, No Repairs Needed - 

- Have Flexible Closing Date's To Fit Sellers Needs - 

Additional benefits of an off-market sale include:

Convenience: In an off-market transaction, a seller does not have to deal with the hassle of finding the right real estate agent to list their property, make repairs to prepare the property to be shown, and disturb occupants with multiple showings. In addition we pre- vet all of our buyers too make sure they are qualified to purchase the property. 

Sale Commission And Closing Cost Savings:  When a property is listed with an agent and posted on the MLS the seller is required to pay a commission to both the buyer's agent and the seller's agent. This fee often ranges from 6%-10% of the purchase price. In an off-market sale, these costs are paid by the buyer saving the seller a substantial amount of money.

Privacy: When a property is listed on the MLS, it subjects the owner and tenants to a significant lack of privacy. All the details about a property including pictures of personal belongings are posted publicly for the world to see. In an off-market transaction information about the property is only offered to qualified buyers and kept private from the public. 

Reduced Preparation costs: Buyers are looking to purchase your property in AS-IS Condition. This can save the seller a significant amount of time and money in preparing the home for sale, as would be necessary if it were listed on the MLS. Many of the traditional seller's costs including; property inspections, home repairs, termite inspections and staging are not required for an off-market sale.


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